Here at TapKat we make it easy for nonprofits to create, manage and run online drawing fundraisers that help you increase donations and grow your donor base.

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TapKat’s Online Drawing Solution
Simple, Quick, Effective

We're here to help your nonprofit with new ways to raise money quickly and simply online with TapKat drawing campaigns. TapKat drawings are fun and effective – people make donations to support your cause and you give them a chance to win a really great prize. Talk about a win-win!

How do we do it? TapKat gives you easy, automated tools to quickly setup and launch online drawing contests. It starts with our clean, expertly designed drawing website template. You customize the template with your cause images, prize photos and a few paragraphs of text.

Easy Campaign Setup

The template gives you the structure you need to setup and run your content including:

  • The marketing page with information on your cause and details on the drawing and prizes
  • Secure donation payment processing
  • Automated donor email receipts with drawing tickets numbers
  • Donor and ticket records stored in your database, easily exported for your CRM program
  • A frequently asked questions page already written for you
  • Rules and Regulations written specifically for online drawing fundraisers

Connect with new donors

TapKat's online drawing campaigns deliver powerful advantages. Online campaigns significantly expand your potential donor pool beyond your existing donors. TapKat drawings have proven to attract new donors who not only want to support your cause, but are excited about the prospect of winning a great prize. That widens your reach and visibility to a national level, increasing both donations and your donor base – especially among younger donors.

Benefits of a TapKat Drawing Campaign

Grow your donor base and engage your existing donors

Grow your donor base and engage existing donors
TapKat drawings are a great addition to your fundraising campaign plan. It’s something exciting and fun for your existing donors and a great way to attract new donors and get them involved in your cause. And many of your new donors will be back for your next drawing campaign to support your cause and another chance to win a great prize. Once you’ve brought new donors into the fold, you can start building long-term relationships utilizing your TapKat donor database.
Reduce your campaign costs
TapKat's automated templates cut the costs and resources needed to run a successful drawing fundraiser. You don't need to get a web developer to code new pages for your website. Just add a link from your home page to your TapKat drawing site. Plus, you don't have to budget and plan special events to sell tickets. You can even draw your winning ticket online.
Quick and easy to campaign setup and launch
TapKat uses templates for fast and easy setup of your drawing campaign website. You supply your logo, photos that show off your cause and prizes, and a little bit of copy. Choose donation levels that work for your fundraising goals. The template takes care of the rest. Once your TapKat drawing site is built you can review it with your colleagues in a private demo area. And when you’re ready to go, launch it!
TapKat automates your drawing so you can get back to doing good
Once you launch your campaign, TapKat takes over managing and running your drawing with:
  • Secure donation payment processing
  • Automated donor email receipts with drawing tickets numbers
  • A donation tracker showing total donations in real time
  • A countdown clock as your drawing nears it’s closing date
  • An automated “ticket sales are closed” page
  • An automated page announcing the winning ticket number when your drawing ends
  • Donor and ticket records stored in your database, easily exported for your CRM program

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